unable to acces phone and modem options



i just found this site and have been doing some reading but i cant fin
anything related to my problem. maybe you guys can help me out? i hav
a compaq 1200xl 106 (notebook) that i bought off of ebay. it came wit
windows xp installed (originally came out with windows 9
SE).everything works fine but i cant open the phone and modem option
in the control panel.it says i may have a problem starting telephon
service. in the device manager tab my modem is detected it says ager
win modem (downloaded and installed latest driver agere 8.30) when
query the modem all is fine except "AT#CLS=? command not supported" an
when i try to open hyper terminal i get the error " windows has reporte
a TAPI error (80000048). use the phone and modem options icon in th
control panel to ensure that a modem is installed properly" and when
got to new connection wizard and choose manul setup all is grayed ou
except for "connect using a broadband connection that is always on".
dont know what to do i tried chatting with a tech at compaq's websit
and he disconnected from me! also when i try to run my earthlink dis
and i go through all the setup and it wants to connect to send ifo
get a error telling me that an unknown error has occured.do you thin
that windows xp might have some corrupted files? i have done hours o
searching on google and cant find a single problem like this. i
someone can help i would be grateful. also i dont have the restor
disc's(compaq dont sell them any more) and i dont have a windows x
disc either. i do have a windows 98 disc thast i bought from a fle
market. once again thanks for any and all help

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