Ulp! Vista fatal crash please help.


The General

First I bought a Vista Home Premium computer.
After 18 months or so it crashes on a regular basis
with fairly similar results.
Now it has crashed so well it fails to allow repairs to
the Startup, and wont accept any Restore to an
earlier point.
The error message comes and goes so fast all I can
read is "STOP:" against a blue background. It did load
everything until a black screen before the MS Globe icon.

The typical crashes were recoverable, once I found
all it required was a long wait after switching off at the
mains. Sometimes I needed to leave it overnight.
About half the time the startup repairs were required.

The screen starts to freeze, beginning with the taskbar.
CTRL/DEL usually brings a black screen, followed by
a dialog box informing that a Security Options dialog has
not been or failed to open. (The last part I cant quite

I have an ASUS main board P5N-E-SLI(C55) with
"Core2 Duo/Quad Core"
2*1024 MB Memory
with an nVidia GeForce 8500 GT
graphics board.
I tested the nVidia board a day before the crash and it scored
around 78 (fps?)
There has been talk somewhere on the net that all nVidia
boards are suspect.
Also my supplier "Mesh" has been the subject of considerable
negative comment on the net, but not in magazines.

here is the info provided by the Rescue disk:
StartupRepair V2
01External media
02 6.0.6000.16386.6.0.6001.18000
03 6
04 327685
05 Norootcause
06 Norootcause
07 0
08 2
09 WrpRepair
10 16389

11 OS Ver 6,0,6000.
Locale id 1033

I am ready to buy new components, if only I
had something to go on.




The General

NormCameron said:
Run a scan for malware.
Kind of hard to do with a machine that wont boot up windows,
not even in Safe Mode.
I have regularly checked for malware/virus before the fatal (and final)
I have unplugged the littleamount of hardware attached to it.
That's the printer and the speakers.
I was hoping to rescue a large body of music files and quite a lot of
documents. Much of the rest will be inconvenience.
Itcould be that the hard disk is faulty, but I have checked it after the
many crashes before and found nothing. No Bad areas.

Not Even Me

you could pull the drive and put it in an external enclosure, plug the USB
into a working computer and retrieve the files.
then put it back in, boot from the Vista DVD and run a boot repair
or if it has the restore function, put it back to 'out of box'



Apache -=CW=-

Sounds like a hardware issue, perhaps your hard drive has failed. That would
explain the waiting period after shut down.
I had a drive fail while using Vista, although it wasn't the drive the OS
was installed on. Vista can torture a drive,
in my case I think it was the indexing thing running constantly. The drive
was a few years old so I wasn't too upset.

You can try warming the drive with a hair dryer, sometimes this will let it
run normally for awhile.

I'd try a new drive, and use an imaging program like Paragon or Easeus to
copy your Vista partition. THat way your data will
be backed up without spending a fortune on new hardware.

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