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Jiri M.

Hello all,

Can I define cluster size in Ufdprep utility for NTFS volume? I need
utility for formating USB disks in which I will can define cluster size. But
current Ufdprep don't have option for defining cluster size.

I have the following problem:
I have image which was completed on 1 GB partition (file system NTFS) where
was cluster size 1024 B. Now I need import this image to 2 GB disk where is
cluster size 2048 B (after formatting current Ufdprep utility). But when I
start system from 2 GB disk then the system during boot time go to blue
screen (error: UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME). Therefore I need Ufdprep utility
with option for defining cluster size or registry info where is stored in
image cluster size.

Regards, Jiri Mikeska


Hi Jiri,

I am trying to install XPembedded on a radisys comexpress board
via a hard drive. i have created target image using the board vendor
..sld file and getting the same error you mentioned in your email.

i tried a few tricks to reformat the disk with 2048 cluster allcoation for
2GB drive with no success. I know your config is slightly different but
if you have resolved your problem and if you could point me at anything I
could do to get over my problem ?


Jiri M.

I find where was my problem. The problem was in hardware of my compact flash
card (from manufacturer InnoDisk with capacity 2GB). When I use compact flash
card from other producer then all is ok. Compact flash InnoDisk with capacity
2GB declaring support UDMA mode but in fact this compact flash support
maximum only PIO4 mode - hardware bug on compact flash card. My xpe image
during boot time suppose UDMA mode of boot disk (boot disk is my compact
flash card) and when operating system try switch on the UDMA mode on compact
flash card then CF card hang and operating system show blue screen with error
Exist two workarounds:
1. Use CF card from other manufacturer - my choice.
2. Or edit registry in xpe image (before run this image on CF card) and
instead of UDMA set PIO4 mode for boot disk. See

Jiri Mikeska

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