USB Boot problem.


Robin Imrie

I have created an image based on the minLogon macro and added in the USB2.0
Boot component (from XPe SP2, FP2007), and support for my USB keyboard and

After building the image I used ufdprep to format the usb memory stick (1G)
with ntfs and then copied the output from target designer to the usb device.

My target hardware boots and FBA runs, however when it reboots I get "a disk
read error occured" on my target hardware. When I run ufdprep with the
/verify flag I get the following....

Error: Failed to read, write, or open the UFD device: Win32 Error = 1392.
Failure: This media is not properly formatted to boot Windows XP Embedded.

I seems that FDA has either corupted my flash disk or I have missed a step.

Thanks in advance.



If you try to just format your flash drive with the normal formatting
tool, do you also got a error ?
Also, be sure that your drive isn't read only :)

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