UAC cannot continue/blank admin password



just removed default user (named "Allir") from Administrator group and as
expected Vista now uses UAC for installing programs etc. I cannot pass UAC
though because there is no input area for administrator password and the OK
button is disabled!!!
The administrator password is still blank (as on fresh Vista installation),
I don't know if that is the reason. The default user "Allir" happens to have
a blank password also (temporarily).

I'm completely stuck because I have no access to admin-required controls!!!

Ronnie Vernon MVP


If you have removed the only Administrator account on the system, you wil
need to boot to Safe Mode. When the logon screen appears in Safe Mode, you
should see the Default Administrator account, called Administrator. This
account does not have a password associated with it, unless you have
specifically set a password for this account. Select this account and press
Enter to log on. Once you are logged on with this account, go to Control
Panel/User Accounts and create a new administrator account or change one of
the existing accounts to an administrator account.

To access Safe Mode, restart the computer and start tapping the F8 key until
you see a black screen menu. Select Safe Mode using the Arrow keys and press

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