Remove Admin from Welcome Screen & NOT UAC




I tried the XP registry edit to remove the Administrator account from the
Welcome screen, which worked great. The only problem is now when a user needs
to have their credentials escalated to Admin rights the Administrator account
is absent from the UAC box. There is also no option to select a user...

Does anyone know a work around for this? I want the person using this laptop
to know the Admin password but not be able to easily login as Admin.



I have the same problem. Except I am unable to perform any Administrative
tasks becasue my only true Administrator was previously hidden from the
Welcome Screen and remains so after upgrading from XP to Vista Home Premium.

When I attempt to run regedt32.exe As Administrator my UAC dialogue appears
but there is no password box, and so am unable to elevate.

How did you get on with your issue ?

Thanks in advance, Simon


I don't think the way I resolved the Admin being hidden will work for you...
I cheated and used system restore. I would say try to login to your computer
over remote desktop and see if you can login as Administrator.



Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I cannot access any settings to permit
remote access. I've reinstalled Vista. The problem arose from having a
previously "hidden" Administrator account on XP - Vista sees this as
"Disabled", not hidden!

Many thanks and good luck...


I would suggest using a special Linux boot CD to enable the Admin account.
The one I've successfully used on XP is available at the link below with a
set of instructions. It's very easy to use."

They say that it's Vista compatible. I haven't tried it on there but I think
it should work just fine.

If you try this, please let me know how it worked/if it solved your problem.


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