Hide user but keep enabled for UAC



Greetings all,

I have an admin account that I would like to hide from the welcome screen.
I followed the registry tweak described here:

Unfortunately when I did this, it hid the admin account from UAC too - that
made it a REAL pain to undo, because regedit wouldn't work, and runas wouldnt
launch it either. I had to download "elevate" to launch it via runas. Very
scary - I almost had to reinstall!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks for the response. As I mentioned, I was able to use the .NET tool
someone posted called "elevate" to do it without rebooting into safe mode.
It sounds like there is no way to hide all the "admin" accounts from the
welcome screen? The reason I ask is because I am using my machines as a
"user" account, understanding that UAC should take care of all my 'admin'
needs. Unfortunately, Having 2 "me"s show up at the welcome screen is just
a tad bit annoying :)


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