Administrator Account is Disabled.




While troubleshooting a windows vista OS, I found in Computer Management
that the Administrator account and the First User Account (created when
installed Vista) both are disabled. There are two other standard user

I tried entering one of he standard user account> Right Click CMD> Run as
Administrator but it doesn't ask for Administrator password as the account is

I tried the above to use net user administrator /active:yes

I am unable to enable the UAC due to the admin rights.

How may I enable the two Administrator Accounts?

Note: We have the Vista disc.


P. Di Stolfo


you could try that: Boot into Safe Mode (press F8 before Windows starts) and
maybe the Administrator account is activated there. Then, you could change
your account into an administrative one.
I'm not sure if it works, though, but it should be worth a try.

P. Di Stolfo

Ronnie Vernon MVP


If you have a Vista installation disk, go to the following website and use
the 'Option 2'. This will allow you to access the Vista recovery environment
using the install DVD. This procedure will make the built-in administrator
account visible on the login screen and will also remove any passwords on
this account. You can then use this account to remove the password on the
other administrator account.

What do I do: I can no longer log in or elevate to an administrator account:

You can then log into this account and fix the problems.

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