U want to hear funny story about my power switch?


Go Tyler

I took off my front panel to install a new usb hub in my comp. It was one of
those 3.5" thingies, but it did not fit very well with my front panel. I had
to bang it back pretty hard to get the front panel back on.

When I plugged the power back up to my comp, it came on immediately but
would not go into bios let alone the Windows welcome screen. The monitor
said no signal found, check pc. I thought perhaps I shorted out something by
being careless. Bear in mind, I did not have to use the power switch; as
soon as I plugged up the computer, it came on all by itself.

So I unplugged it and plugged it in again. Same result. So then I took out
the usb device, thinking that was the problem. Nope. Thought I had a bad
monitor, so I plugged in my spare. Nope. So I noticed my HDD light was not
coming on. So I put in the spare that I know worked. Nope. Removed every
device just to see what happened to the MOBO when I plugged up power. Same
result. The fans came on immediately when I plugged up power and did not
even have to touch the power switch. Dwelled on it for hours.

Then I figured since the power was coming on by itself I would just unplug
the reset switch and power switch. Plugged the power back up, and there it
was! Nothing came on. So I guess when I slammed the front panel on I messed
up my power switch somehow.

I will work on it some more tomorrow. Too bad....I was getting ready to buy
a knew MOBO. Would have liked to update to a 939 socket.




Did you unmount the motherboard and shake the case really good? I had
no signal to my monitor no matter what before then I finally remounted
my motherboard, I don't remember but I think something was touching my
MOBO and shorting it in some way. Anyhow I remounted it and voila, my
screen was on.

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