two firewalls



I have hp paviliondv5-1235dx notebook pc. Windows vista home premium sp1. Can
two firewalls run at the same time. I have windows and kiss running and I was
wondering if I should turn one of them off.


Hello Dar,

David M gave you very good advice. I'd just like to add that........

No, you need to have ONLY ONE firewall turn ON (always)



Don't install more than one Firewall .

The Windows Firewall is fine, it just quietly does its job and doesn't nag
you every 10 seconds about some imaginary threat like many other software

The rule of thumb is that you can use several anti-spyware applications but
never more than one anti-virus, real-time virus protector, firewall, pop-up
blocker or anti-phishing filter.

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I hope this post is helpful.

Let us know how it works ºut.



Thanks so are you saying I should turn off Kaspersky's firewall and turn on
windows firewall? Or just leave it alone?

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