two colors, changes by same author



I edited a doc, saw changes in red. Now I reopen and the new changes are in blue. How can I get all of my changes to be in same color?



Peter T. Daniels

Could you have changed your Username in between? Or are you using a
different computer?

If no one else is going to be editing the document (so that you don't need
to have different colors), you could go into the Track Changes Settings
and change the colors from "By Author" to a color you choose from the menu.



Stefan Blom

If you let Word assign colors "By author," Word ensures that different users
have different colors. You don't get control over which specific color is
assigned to a particular author.

If you are saying that Word indicates two authors in the same document,
check the user name (as Peter suggested). If you are using Word 365 (the
subscription version), you may find the following helpful: Click File tab |
Options; on the General tab, select "Always use these values regardless of
sign in to Office" (under "Personalize...").

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