TV Wonder Pro - Better TV Software?


Alfred Z. Newmane

I just got a new TV wonder Pro (came with 8x software, updated it form
web today to 9.x version, but the issue I'm about to describe was in

Does anyone know if there is better TV software, particiularly for
S-Video and Composite video? Using my Playstation 2 with the TV program
there seems to be a slight delay from when I push a button and when to
seems to register. If I check the box for Better Quality the delay is
twice as bad. Without that checked there wasn't much of a delay (maybe a
couple hundred milliseconds, with it checked it's about a whole second

Also the quality isn't good (I've seen a PS2 setup through a video
capture device that looked a lot better.)

I really want to be able to play PS2 in my room on my PC (I don't really
care about TV, just PS2 and sometimes my video camera), as I don't have
a TV in my room
(2.4Gz P4, 512MB Ram, 533 Bus, 64 MB ATI Radeon 9800.)

(Also, I'm using a composite for video from the PS2 since my S-Video
cable went bad.)

Cymbal Man Freq.

I have an AIW 8 MB card with TV-out (1999), that has a small delay of the output
to the TV set. So, if I play a game, I have to watch the computer monitor
INSTEAD of the TV screen if I want the computer keyboard button pushing to be in
sync with the video. If I play while watching the TV screen only, every shot
will be late...too late.

So, in your case, you are taking the Playstation video output and importing it
through the videocard to your monitor via an S-VHS VCR (or equivalent); so that
you have two video outputs, one to your TV set and one to your video card input.
The videocard will add some delay that you describe, so you will be best off
watching the TV screen when you play.

Recording the playing of the game seems to work well either way; but what you
look at while you play the game is key.

S-Video is the minimum cable required, replace the cable.

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