TV as a monitor question again..NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GS graphics



I'm considering an upgrade to this system.

It's got these video related specs.

- NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GS graphics
With 512MB dedicated video memory and up to 2303MB total available
graphics memory as allocated by Windows Vista. Features DirectX 10
support and TV-out, DVI and HDMI connections. High-definition audio.

- High-definition TV tuner (NTSC and ATSC)
With PVR (personal video recorder) and FM tuner. Allows S-video and
composite video inputs.

- HP Media Center remote with IR receiver
Allows you to control your media from a distance.

I'd like a monitor I can both use as a TV and Desktop Monitor. I'm a
developer so I need a lot of screen Real Estate as I can have many Aps
open at once but at the same time I also need something that's crisp
and easy on the eyes when reading a lot of code and documents.

Would a 30 inch TV/Monitor be functional?ridiculous? It's for home
use. What specs should I be concerned with? Eventually I'd like to use
the mix to watch HDTV over the internet like and
receive local channels over new an HDTV Antenna or the PC if it
supports this.

Also, I'm on BellSouth Extreme DSL 6.0 and my router is a Linksys
wireless N Gigabit router. What's the best way to send TV signal some
40 feet (through several walls) to my entertainment room where I have
a 42inch Toshiba Flat LCD HDTV? Coax?

Thanks for any help or information.


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