Widescreen TV not working as second monitor



I'm trying to set up my 32' Samsung HDTV as a second monitor on my Vista
machine. This used to work beautifully with XP, but ever since I've
installed Vista, it's a no-go. My primary screen turns black, and my TV says
"Not Supported Mode". I have no idea why this is happening. I can't imagine
it's my video drivers, because I haven't had any graphical issues since

The Samsung is analog, and I use an adapter to get it to connect to my video

2 nVidia 8800 GTX 768mb video cards, SLI configuration
Acer 19' Monitor primary monitor
Samsung 32' HDTV secondary monitor



Bill Condie

Strangely, I had to make the TV Not Active in Display Settings to see it as
a clone. I didn't install the Ati software and can't use it as Extended
Desktop (which I don't want anyway)

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