Turning on Access Control in Vista Business



I have found it odd how much of Vista Home Premium is turned off in the
Business addition and yet it costs more money for it.

One of the biggest wishes is the "Parental Controls" be turned on in Vista
Business. I would love to limit my employees access to only business hours.
We also have a number of employees that share computers but I want them to
each not use certain programs, again the ability to set this would be amazing.

I use Vista Home Premium at home and love this aspect for my kids. However
any employer will tell you that many times your employees become like kids
too and this feature would help a TON!

Can this be turned on and if so how?

While not on security, one other feature I would like to see added is the
DVD burning package. I have a number of training videos we have created that
I would love to convert to DVD. Now I am not talking about the whole media
center effect, just the ability to easily make DVD from my video files.


Parental controls do not work in a domain environment (I am not at all clear
whether there is a technical reason for that, but I doubt it. I think it is
just SKU differentiation). Since Vista Business is designed for businesses,
and hence, probably domain environments, it is not included there.

You can use Software Restriction Policies (Local Security Policy in
Administrative Tools) to restrict which programs can run.

As for the DVD maker stuff, you need either Vista Ultimate or a third-party
program to do that. Sorry, but it is just not there in Vista Business.


I understand and will in the future suggest to all my clients that they get
Windows Home Premium. 99% of the networks I deal with are simple pier to pier
and so the need for domain is not a big deal.

However I do find it a poor business practice to tale a version of the OS
remove a large number of features, add one or two and then sell it for more


Can't really argue with you on the SKU confusion. It's a common bone of

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