64 bit Vista Business Contains other Vista Editions?



I ordered a 64-bit Version of Home Premium after purchasing the 32-bit
version and the 64-bit version seems to contain all of the other
versions of Vista, just like the 32-bit edition.




"seems to contain all of the other versions of Vista, just like the 32-bit

What do you mean by "seems"? It's either yes or no.

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate your info or reply--I really mean it. I
just want the exact info.


Hehe, sorry for the bad wording, it definitely does. Sorry for the
confusing wording ;)


Jupiter Jones [MVP]

Retail or OEM?
Retail 32 bit DVD contains all 32 bit versions and the same applies to the
64 bit DVD.

For OEM, that may not apply and is determined by the source of OEM.

An easy way to tell is start the installation.
Leave off the Product Key when asked.
You should get a choice of which to install.

Also see:

Dave Angel

Yeah. The only thing that determines which version get's installed is the
key you use during setup or if you don't enter a key it becomes a trial
But it makes sense for Microsoft to include all versions on there so you can
easily upgrade your version later:
Microsoft wants to make it easy for users to upgrade among editions of the
next Windows.

In an effort to simplify the distribution of Windows Vista and make it
easier for customers to upgrade, Microsoft will include the various retail
versions of the operating system on one DVD instead of having separate discs
for each Vista edition.

In the past, Microsoft distributed each version of the Windows client OS on
its own disc. However, in a move it is calling "Windows Anytime
Upgrade"--which cuts costs for Microsoft as well as making it easier for
customers to upgrade--the version of Windows Vista that a customer buys will
be activated by his or her product key and will be on a disk with the other
editions of the OS.

For example, if a customer buys Windows Vista Home Premium from a retail
store, he or she will get a DVD that also includes Windows Vista Ultimate,
but the product key for the purchase will only activate Home Premium and its
features and functionality, said Mike Burk, a Microsoft spokesperson.

"With Windows Anytime Upgrade, the idea is to provide customers with the
most convenient user experience possible by enabling them to more easily and
directly upgrade to a higher edition of Windows Vista from within their
current edition," he said.

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