trying to get winxp pro and win2k to network


Joel Goldstick

I have a new computer on which I loaded Windows 2k. My primary machine has
xp pro. The primary machine has a network connection to the internet (thru
a cable modem). This machine also has a second network connection.

I went through the network home office wizard. It fails, but doesn't say

BOth machines are set up with workgroup mshome.

How do I manually configure so that the win2k machine can share files with
the xp machine, and also access the internet thru the xp machine.

I have zone-alarm on the xp pro machine

The 2k machine shows both machines in network neighborhood, but can't access
the xp machine

I can't seem to find anywhere on the xp pro machine that shows that it sees
the w2k machine



Dusty Harper {MS}

Are you connecting the two machines through a hub / switch? If not, then
you need to make sure you are using a crossover cable.

Test your connectivity using ping. Ping by IP address on each box. Then by
hostname. Pinging by IP should work if the physical connections and IP
scheme is ok. Pinging by hostname may fail because the machines can't
resolve hostnames to IP. NetBIOS name resolution uses UDP port 137.

To make network connections easier, you should configure identical accounts
on both machines with the same password. This will allow easy pass-through
access to each box.

The easiest way to share your Internet connection is to enable Internet
Connection Sharing on the Internet interface of your XP box. Put the other
NIC and the NIC in your W2K box to Auto IP. In the network card properties,
there should be a check box on the Advanced tab to enable ICS. This will
basically enable a type of NAT on the XP box, along with a small DHCP
server ( hands addresses int he 192.168.0.x range ).

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