Trying to download Peoplesoft query to excel


Kathy D.

I get the following error messages:

Could not
open '

Microsoft Excel cannot access the
file '
There are several possible reason:

*The file name or path name does not exist.
*The file you're trying to open is being used by another
program. Close the document in the other program, and
try again.
*The name of the workbook you're trying to save is the
same as the name of another document that is read-only.
Try saving the workbook with a different name.

Could not open 'res://C:\WINDOWS\System32

I have tried the following things:

I downloaded IE6 sp1 and still got the same error
messages. Also was told to uninstall windows hotfix
Q813489 but it was never installed on my computer that I
could see.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this one?

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