Try Removing .GIF SPAM Emails Using Header Info


Chuck Davis

MOG said:
I just read a helpful post dated 4/30
But it doesn't really answer the question of how to block spam email that
uses .gif files rather than text. Filters and blockers alike (regardless
which you use) cannot read this. Has anyone had success blocking these
using the header information?? I use Outlook 2000 (at work) UGH!!

With the latest updates in Outlook 2003, the junk mail filtering is quite
effective. SPAM is a reality. More time and effort is placed into attempting
to block this junk than just deleting it. It's like the junk in your postal
mailbox. The difference is that the sender must pay the freight. SPAM
senders cause the rest of us to pay for the required bandwidth on the Web.
The advertising industry doesn't want to control any advertising. You
constantly hear of the obscene amounts of money that politicians must
collect to "get the message out." The TV news stations talk about it, but
you know they can't afford to do without.

In all instances, if people didn't buy the stuff that is advertised, it
would go away...

Pat Willener

You could make a rule to check if the message body contains any of the
characters 'a', 'b', 'c', 'd', ... 'A', 'B', 'C', 'D'; if not, it is
either .GIF spam or blank spam.

P.S. "SPAM" is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods.

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