trusting problems



i've got two domains dc1 and dc2; dc1 ip series is and dc2
is of

between these two there is a cisco router

i can ping both servers map resources; but the problem is one of the
application running on dc2 server want the ip and the port 9600; but
machines not within the domains are accessing this application and
fine; but users in the domain cannot run
this particular application

so i want to make dc1 and dc2 trust each other;
both dcs are win2k domains

when i try to make dc2 trust dc1 i get the following message:

"the domain cannot be contacted; if this domain is a Windows domain,
the trust cannot be setup until the domain is contacted. Click cancel
and try again later.

if this is an interoperable non-windows kerberos realm and you want to
set up this side of the trust click OK"

could sombody give some help



Doug Sherman [MVP]

Frequently, this is a DNS issue. One way to address it is to add a standard
secondary zone for the 'other' domain to your DNS servers.

Doug Sherman


when i create standard secondary zone by putting (other
server ip) but fails to load



Richard G. Harper

You might want to try setting up a WINS server in each address range and
have them replicate to each other - or if you're already running WINS in
each zone, configure replication between the zones.

Richard G. Harper [MVP Shell/User] (e-mail address removed)
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