Trusted Site Warning - How do I get rid of it?

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Joel L (Pan out the gold)

I frequently access a site I've added to my "Trusted Site" list. Once
in that site, I select the "Research" tab and get the following
Windows (XP Professional) Explorer 6 warning window :

Security Warning
The current Web page is trying to open a site in your Trusted sites
Do you want to allow this?

I must select the "Yes" button three times in this window in order to
successfully allow the window to open.

Does anyone have any idea how can I access the desired Internet window
within the trusted site window without receiving the security warning
each time?




Andrew E.

Pitch youre list of sites,go into security tab in internet options,
icons one at a time,select default setting.Once thru,open advanced tab,locate
"set to default" button,close out.

Naveen Kumar Murugesan

I have encountered the same scenario and now I need to resolve it. I don't understand your suggestion. If you don't mind, can you explain it to me clearly??? Thanks for your help...!!!



Clan D. Estin

Hey, HoopleHead EggHeader:

Do you really think replying to a post from 2008 that the OP will be coming
back to read your message, especially since you changed the subject?

When are you idiots going to learn how to use a newsgroup/forum?

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