Trusted site settings, security zones GPO settings


Per Hagstrom


I read in a previous thread where Jason Tan replied like this:

Q: 1) If I create a trusted site via a policy, will that make it so that
the user can no longer add their own trusted sites?
A: Correct, you can add trusted site via Domain Group Policy and thus do
not need to create them on user side. However, domain user also can add
trusted sites in IE.

Q: 2) If I enable this policy and add sites, will it erase the current
trusted sites that a user already set up?
A: No, It will not remove the current trusted sites which previously
created. Domain Policy just add/append the additional trusted sites and
leaves current sites intact.

Well, if I make a Domain Group Policy it takes away the custom user
settings, at least as far as you can see...
I also followed the link Jason provided: , which kind of explains this just
being an issue as far as you can "see", because the custom user settings are
actually there even though you can't see them...
The resolution is supposedly to download the latest SP for Win2000, and this
article is from Feb18,2004... but I still seem to have the same problem with
all the latest SP/patches on Win 2003/WinXP Pro....

Does that mean there is still no fix for this? Or is there a fix, but you
have to request the patch specifically? (like you have to do for some


/ Per


I am having the same issue. If you figure out the answer I would love
to know.


Per Hagstrom

Still no help... :(

If I find out somewhere else, I will be sure to post any updates here.

/ Per

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