IE Settings Via GPO


Kiran Jain

I ve created a user level Group policy to setup the Home page of IE5.5
to our Company intranet Portal. This policy also sets some sites in Trusted
zone and Changes the Security Settings for the Trusted Zone.
This policy is at the root. i.e. At the Domain. but is applied to only a
security group in which all the users have the same rights.

For some users the Policy works perfectly where as in some cases the policy
works for the First Time and then the Home page Resets to or whereas in some other users the policy doesnt seem to
work at all.

The policy is set by setting the following in the Group Policy
"User Configuration"--->"Windows Setting" ---> "Internet Explorer
Maintenance" --->"URLS"--->"Important urls" --->"Home Page URL"
to our company intranet Portal.
Also the Security to this group policy is set to a particular Security Group

Kiran Jain

Steven L Umbach

I don't know if this will fix the problem but it may be worth a try to enable
"Internet Explorer maintenance policy processing" for process even if the Group
Policy objects have not changed. at the domain level under computer
configuration/administrative templates/system/Group Policy. You may also want to run
gpresult /u /v on those computers to see what it says about what settings are being
applied from the domain policy and when they were last refreshed. Also check that
Internet Explorer maintenance policy is not in preference mode when you create the
policy. There would be a checkmark next to preference mode if it is enabled. ---

Tom Ker


Why wouldn't you want the policy in "preference mode" when you create it?


Tom Ker

Thanks Steve.

We're just testing our IE GPO and that's very helpful info. Any other
"secrets" I should be aware of? It really seems like IE settings are
handled very differently (via GPO) than other settings.


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