Trust Releationship



I have two Windows 2K networks &
connected via a couple of Cisco Routers over a Point to
point T1. They can ping each other and they can map
drives as long as the other site has the same user names
in them. But I need to do more and wanted to create a
trust relationship. But I can't get the trust to work.

I went to AD Domains and Trusts, right click on and hit properties. Hit Trust tab and then
hit add in the "Trusted" domain box. Typed and
a password. I get a box that says, "The can
not be contacted. If this is a Windows Domain the trust
cannot be setup until the domain is contacted. Click
cancel and try again later. If this is an interoperable
Non-Windows Kerberos Realm and you want to setup this
side of the Realm click ok."

It does the same thing when I put in the trusting domain.
Because I couldn't get it to see it and setup a Windows
Domain trust I just clicked ok and it says I have a Non-
Windows Kerberos Realm and set to NO on transitive.
However when you click that and hit edit you can't verify
the trust and they still don't see each other.

How do I setup this trust properly. If I hit tracert from
the side and point to the other Server I get,,, and
if I do this the other way around I get,, Any help is greatly appreciated.


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