Trouble Retaining Resolution Settings



Yes, I am having trouble with my MACHSPEED K8M8MSR2-VC system again
(XP SP3).

It has a VISIONTEK RADEON 9250 AGP (128 MB) graphics card.
I am using an IOGEAR GCS 1764M DVI KVM switch, and a ACER HD monitor
which needs 1280X768 resolution. I have needed to load the packaged
driver for the card in order to get that resolution.

For about a week now, I have found that the resolution setting has
been lost when I power up each morning. Reloading the driver fixes
it, but just for that day.

I have tested things by powering down a few times during the day. and
powering back up again after an hour or so. The resolution remains
okay. That seems strange.

I have downloaded and installed an upgrade from DRIVERAGENT, but it
behaves identically as far as this problem is concerned.

Can anyone suggest something I might try?






Try the latest full driver package (inclucing CCC) from
ATI's website, after uninstalling the old one and rebooting.

Hi kony -

I have figured out why this is happening. In hindsight, I feel stupid
- the solution seems obvious now.

With the IOGEAR KVM, if I boot up with the KVM selecting the machine
being started up, all is okay. Otherwise, the machine will boot up
with resolution 1024X768. I have checked this several times, and it
always works this way on either of my two machines.

I figure the problem occurs because the machine being started doesn't
see the 1280X768 HD monitor I have attached to the KVM if the KVM is
selecting my other machine. I have both machines and the KVM and
monitor to automatically power up when I turn on my power panel. So -
the KVM is selecting whatever it is designed to by default - maybe
always machine number 1.

Why the resolution already set up in XP's display settings on the
machine being booted is not used unless the machine can see the
monitor I have no idea. Do you?



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