Trouble doing a restart



I have vista home premium-4GB, quad 4 processor. Occasionally, I will have
only 1 web page and 1 email (yahoo web page) open and pc will lock up.
Can't open or close anything. System shows just prior to lock up that I have
2.2 gb of ram available so there should be no processing power issue. I have
to turn power off to get pc to turn off.

The other day I hit restart just before heading off to bed and saw the
screen go momentarily blank and then the message "logging off". I assumed
the pc was going to finish doing a restar but 8 hours later when I awoke and
went to my den I saw that the pc was still stuck in the "logging off" mode
all nite long. I had to do a hard power down and then reboot.

This has been happening occasionally since I first bought this pc a few
months ago--so it doesn't appear to be driven by something that might have
been loaded recently.

Has anyone else had this experience and any recommendations on how to fix
this annoying issue?

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