Trojan Horse Music Search



Hey peoples, i got a message saying that i have the
Trojan Horse Music Search Virus in the following file:
c:\System Volume Information\_restore{3483E502-0181-4C81-
BFA0-852648245035\RP2\A0000502.exe but access is denied.
Using win XP pro all updates n service packs. Tried
running AVG but it cant detect the virus for some reason.
Do i need to log in as administrator because i went to
help article 309531 and the security tab it talks about
in the system volume information file isnt there when im
logged on as me. I think thats all the info.. please
gimme sum advice peoples.

Rick \Nutcase\ Rogers


The only way to remove a virus in the \System volume information folders is
to delete the associated restore points. This may not be necessary as it is
harmless there unless you actually use that restore point.

There are three ways to easily remove restore points (you cannot do this

1) Start/run cleanmgr.exe (disk cleanup), there is a "clean up" button on
the "more options" tab to remove all but the newest restore point.

2) Control Panel/System/System Restore tab, go to settings and reduce the
amount of space allotted to System Restore. This will remove older restore
points, how many depends on how much space you require for a point, and how
much space you leave.

3) Control Panel/System/System Restore tab, click the "turn off system
restore on all drives" box. This will eliminate all restore points. Once
reenabled, the system will begin creating new ones. You should reboot
inbetween doing this.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers aka "Nutcase" MS-MVP - Win9x

Associate Expert - WinXP - Expert Zone

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