Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security 2005



Hi...I just installed Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet
Security 2005. It has a spyware program in it. Does
anyone know if Microsoft beta Antispyware is compatable
with this verison of Trend Micro PC-cillin. I am
concerned about the two spywares interfering with one
another (a conflict). Would like to try Microsoft beta
Antispyware my friend says it works great. Thanks, Susan


I have the TM PC-cillin Internet Security 2005 installed
along side Window Anti-spyware. It does not pose a problem
at all except that when Windows Anti-spyware does its
scan, Internet Security will always display a pop to show
me the location of ceratin exe file that are considered
as spyware. What I did was to locate that program and
delete it away.

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