transponder and Microsoft's Anti Spyware Beta1



I can't seem to remove the
Transponder.DLMAX and
with MS Anti Spyware. I've shut down System Restore
before running it, but it still comes back. And,
sometimes, when choosing to clean, it will tell me that
IE needs to close before it can clean. Other times it

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Currently, I have several adware tools:
AdawareSE Personal
Yahoo Anti Spy, and
MS Anti Spyware Beta1

Only MS finds this Transponder


Don't know for sure, but in my daily work of removing
spyware, I've found the nastiest stuff needs to be removed
while Windows is in Safe Mode.

Boot into Safe Mode (F8 key just as Windows starts loading)
then run all your anti-spyware apps there, even if they
look crappy while in Safe Mode.

Also, there are evil nasties that even run and therefore
hide and thwart removal when Windows is in Safe Mode. I
hate them. I can handle them, but it's such a frigg'n hassle.

Also, use the 30-day trial (or buy) Intermute's
Spysubtract, which comes with the formerly free CWShredder
standalone program. Update 'em and run 'em in Safe Mode.

Ditto for Webroot's 30-day trial of Spysweeper.

If it STILL comes back after removal in Safe Mode, you have
two choices I'm aware of:

(1) backup your data then format your hard drive and
reinstall Windows, your app then restore your data.
(2) Install the Recovery Console from the XP CD, then in
Safe Mode use "XFIND" by Horst Schaeffer in a DOS window
to search in the windows, windows/system and
windows/system32 folders (e.g., xfind "anything"
c:\windows\system32 *.dll [note: really include the quotes
and the word anything]) and write the name of any file(s)
xfind "chokes" on (gives a read error message). Then boot
into the Recovery Console and zap that file. Then boot to
Safe Mode and search in the registry for the same file name
and zap entries with it. Then scan with all your
anti-spyware apps, then reboot to normal Windows.
(3) buy a mac, which has ZERO spyware because (a) it
doesn't have ActiveX, the insanely insecure MS environment,
and (2) Mac browsers don't have BHOs (browser "helper"
objects) and (3) Mac OS X harrasses you with a password for
any installation of a program that's tapping the system
core, even if you're already logged in as admin.

have fun

Andre Da Costa

With Windows in Safe mode, on the Scan Page in MSAS choose Scan Options >
Full System Scan. Also:
Run antivirus (with current definitions) while you are in safe mode.

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