MS Defender Spy Sweeper confict Q..




I have other Anti Spyware programs wich I use as part of my security
arsenal. I have listed them below. I only use MS Defender as my active
protections (before that I had Beta1). All the others you see list have
*none of thier active protection features are enabled. I only use them to
scan my sytem. I encountered a problem with my Webroot Spy Sweeper only one
after upgrading from Beta 1 to MS Defender Beta 2. I can't update dats or
run sweep with it, it just keeps running and hangs until I have to shut it
down useing Task Manager. Every other program functions fine.

I have made no other system or program changes besides the Defender upgrade.
I have been trying to work through it with Webroot support for awhile but no
luck even after clean install of Spy Sweeper. I believe on some level
Defender is'nt playing nice with Spy Sweeper. I hoping some here might have
come across it or know some one who has.

My Anti Spyware Arsena:

I currently use the following programs to run scans only - PestPatrol,
Spybot Search & Destroy, Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE, Webroot Spy Sweeper,
Microsoft AntiSpyware/ now Defender Beta 2 (**I used this as my active
protection**) and Aluria's Spyware Eliminatator and Trojan Hunter from
Mischel Internet Security. I also have WinTask Pro to monitor what
processes and so forth are running on my system (I have always been able to
account for all of them and my auto start entries, running programs,
processes etc.). I scan with all of these programs at the end of each day
or so. I also have HijackThis and check that log. This is my routine every
day or two.





Dave M

Hi KO,
I also use Defender and Spysweeper 4.5, though both are running active
real-time protection. I've experienced no major conflicts with this
approach other than the HOSTS file updates that SpySweeper wants to make
regularly, so I've disabled the Common Ads Site Shield and the HOSTS file
shield, and instead use the MVPS hosts file along with whatever ad sites
SpySweeper added before I turned that function off... instead using
HostsMan to manage my Hosts updates, since SpySweeper can't handle a hosts
file that size.

I recently tried the Beta 5.0 of SpySweeper and did in fact run into major
problems, so I backed it out and re-installed 4.5 with no conflicts. Sorry
I can't help more with your issue, but I've not seen that here. I am a bit
surprised that you'd chose Beta Defender as your sole active protection,
SpySweeper is highly rated and fully supported, if your using the full
retail version and not something that comes along with a subscription to an
ISP. I do suggest you put this question out to CastleCops
( where both products have support forums that can
be very knowledgeable.

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