Transfertext problem


Will Sellers

I'm having a problem trying to use transfer text in a macro.
I created a query.
I ran the export function to create the specification file.
The exported file was created successfully.
I then created a macro with the transfertext function.
used the specification created earlier.
For my file name I typed c:\my documents\"test.txt"
when I run the macro it gives me a an access denied database error.
I need to create the file with double quotes for import to a government


Ken Snell \(MVP\)

The filename of the text file must contain " characters? If yes, you're out
of luck, because Windows will not accept a file name with " characters.

Van T. Dinh

I might have misunderstood but if you want to export to the file name
"test.txt" (without the double-quote - I don't think Windows XP allows
double-quote in the file name, anyway) in "My Documents" then you need to
type in the file name argument:

{full path to My Documents}\test.txt

Note that the "My Documents" set up by Windows OS is usually NOT a direct
SubDirectory of C: drive. You need to find the fullpath to it in your PC.
If you use a default set-up, it is usually the directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\{Your Login Name}\My Documents

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