Exporting a text file WITHOUT the field names (header row)



I am running Access 2003. I am attempting to export information based on a
select query to a fixed-width text file. I am using a macro to accomplish
this with the TransferText command and an export specification that I had
saved. While the export works, I need to create the text file WITHOUT the
field names (header row). Does anyone know a simple method for doing so?

Thanks for your time.


I know how to make a new export spec, but how do I specifiy no field names?



actually my advice was wrong; it is not a parameter in the export spec it is
a parameter in the TransferSpreadsheet method:

expression.TransferSpreadsheet(TransferType, SpreadsheetType, TableName,
FileName, HasFieldNames, Range, UseOA)

HasFieldNames Optional Variant. Use True (–1) to use the first row of the
spreadsheet as field names when importing or linking. Use False (0) to treat
the first row of the spreadsheet as normal data. If you leave this argument
blank, the default (False) is assumed. When you export Microsoft Access table
or select query data to a spreadsheet, the field names are inserted into the
first row of the spreadsheet no matter what you enter for this argument.

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