Exporting/Importing between databases


Marie W.

I am attempting to export a file from one database in excel form to be
imported by another database. The data on the file is the same in both
databases, the only thing is the field names for the first 4 fields are
different. I have tried importing the data below the first row, but I am
getting an error "Field "F1" does not exist in the destination table". I
have tried exporting the file in Text Delimited with no luck. Is there a way
I can create a query that will change the field names before I export the


Yes, you can use Alias names in your query. If you write the SQL by hand, it
would be lile SELECT SomeField AS OtherName, ...
That would mean that the table field SomeField would show up in the query
named OtherName.

If you use the query builder, in the text box where you put the name of the
field, you would show the Alias name followed by a colon, followed by the
table name:

OtherName: SomeField

Marie W.

I am fairly handy with Access but I have never done this before. Are there
some more specific instructions? The field names in the first database are:
ipd_number, ip_number, bud_vol, and act_vol. The fields in the table I am
exporting to are: Dept, Product, Budgeted Vol, and Actual Vol.

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