Export Delimited



Trying to create macro to automate the export of a query to tab delimited
text file.

Transfer Type: Export Delimited
Specification Name: Tab Delimited Export Specification
Table Name: T558c Table (this is the name of a query)
File Name: C:\Documents and Settings\my name\My Documents\Exports\T558c.txt
Has Field Names:no
HTML Table Name: blank
Code Page: blank

My error message: The Microsoft Jet database engine could not find the
object 'T558C.txt'. Make sure the objects exists and the you spell its name
and the path name correctly.

The macro is suppose to be creating the file so why must the file already
exist? Even if it exist I still get the same error.
Not sure if just type the query name in the Table Name field is correct way
to do this.


That was just a typo when I was typing up this question. Anyhow I change
removed txt from the file name and I'm getting a different error. Cannot
update. Database or objects is read-only.

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