Gordon Padwick

My digital camera (Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT) came with an application that
creates a text file containing details of the camera settings used for each
photograph. I want to be able to import the data in this file into an Access
2000 database. I understand that the TransferText method can be used to
import text.

Access Help gives some information about using TransferText. One of the
arguments is specificationname. Help describes this as "a string expression
that is the name of an import or export specification you have created and
saved in the current database." Nowhere can I find how to create the
specification or how I should save it in the database.

Help also says "With a linked text file, you can view and edit the text data
with Microsoft Access." I need to do this in order to make some changes to
the text file before importing it. How can I view and edit the text data?

Even the mammoth Access 2000 Developer's Handbook doesn't seem to contain
this information (no mention of TransferText in the index).

Can anyone provide the information I need or point me to a source of that


Ken Snell \(MVP\)

Creating an import specification is fairly easy.

From your database window, click File | Get Extgernal Data | Import. Begin
the import process and continue until the import wizard window opens. Then
click the Advanced button at bottom left.

In this window, set all the settings for the export process.

Click the Save As... button, give the specification a name, e.g.,
PictureImportSpec, and then save it by clicking the OK button.

Click the OK button on the window where you'd entered the settings. Cancel
the import process.

Now, in your code, where you use TransferText, put the name of the
specification (as a text string: "PictureImportSpec") as the second
argument of the TransferText method.

Gordon Padwick

Thanks for the fast response, Ken. I'll follow your suggestions - Gordon

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