transfertext and Memo fields


Pete Halasovski


I'm trying to export data to a CSV file using Transfertext in a macro. My
problem is that one of the fields to be exported is a Memo field and Access
truncates this data at 255 characters. Does anyone know of a good work
around for this problem?



Ed Robichaud

I think your only hope is to parse the memo field into separete 255 char
text fields before exporting. See Access VB Help for InStr functions.

John Nurick

Hi Pete,

Normally memo fields export to CSV files without problems (provided they
don't hit the 65,000 character limit on the exported record). But if
they have been formatted (e.g. with the Format() function or a Format
property) or are assembled from a VBA expression, the result is treated
as a text field and truncated at 255 characters.

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