transfer to excel


Bill H.

If I open up an Access (2000) table and use the tools, office links, analyze
with Excel, the Boolean fields are translated as TRUE/FALSE (that's good),
but a memo field is getting truncated.

If I export from Access to CSV, the Boolean come out as 1/0, but the memo
field comes out just fine. If I then import to Excel that .csv file, the
memo field is all there (as is the 1/0 for the Boolean field).

So, how do I get the Boolean to come out TRUE/FALSE and the memo to not get
truncated? Yeah, I could manually or via Excel macro (I guess), change the
1/0 to true/false, but I'd rather use just one step in the export process
and have it be all correct the first time.




Jeff Boyce


Have you tried using a query to "condition" the data into the format you
want, then export the query?


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP

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