Access: Memo Fields Being Cutoff When Exporting Reports into Rich



Software: Access 2003

Problem: We export Access reports in Rich Text Format (.rft) using the
"OutputTo" command shown below. It works fine except the memo fields get
truncated sporadically (i.e., not all of them and not every time; seems to be
based on the amount of characters). I have read several threads on the NET
about this type of problem. The memo fields are NOT being cut off
consistently at 255 characters (i.e., as a string) and the report and the
table upon which it is base are NOT grouped and do NOT have any criteria;
factors often cited as the cause of memo truncation problems. These are
letters so dumping the data into .csv, fixed-width, etc. formats are not
viable options. Below is the command string from the module that runs this:

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "rptLettersofRepresentation", acFormatRTF,
strReport_OutPath & strDocName & " - " & Format(dtRunDate, "mmm d, yyyy h
mm") & ".doc", False

Question: Does anyone know of a reliable method of exporting memo fields
properly (i.e., without truncation) into .rtf documents?

Jeanette Cunningham

the most reliable way of exporting memo fields is to export from a table
with memo fields.
I don't know much about your database.
Is there a way that the query that is used for the report, can be used to
put the same data into an export table.
You would set up the export table with the exact fields you need, making
sure that you use memo fields where needed.
Create an append query to put the data (from the query that makes the
report) into the export table.
You may find that you need to create some update queries to format the data
in the export table.
When the data is ready for export, use can use transfer text to export the
data to word from the export table.

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia


Jeanette, thank you for responding. I guess the question is how do I use the
exported data? Specifically, the fields in the table would represent sections
of the letters that need to be sent out. Are you thinking about a Mail Merge
type solution or is there some other way to use the data once it is exported
so that it can be manipulated to "look like a letter"?

Jeanette Cunningham

I guess there is no easy and quick solution to your problem.
Albert Kallal access mvp has a sample database that will do the sort of
thing you want.
It uses templates set up in word and you are able to use queries and forms
to add, edit and select what you want to put in the word templates.
Once you get it working it is way cool.
Here is the web page

Scroll down to super easy word merge

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia


Jeanette, will there be a patch to Access 2003 for this truncating problem?
I have same problem, but merge solution wont work for me because of returns
within record field. When exporting over to Word, returns act like a new
record. Does this problem occur in 2007 version?

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