Transferring Word 2002 template to Word 2007 template


Mike Turner

I recently asked a question on this board whose subject was "Transferring
template in Word 2003 template to Word 2007" .This was answered by Herb Tyson
MVP (dialogue is below). Unfortunately,I have since learned that the
question should have referred to Word 2002 instead of Word 2003.However,will
the answer given still apply?


HT's reply to my question (latter is beneath this):

Not necessarily. While that would give him access to the styles from his old template, it wouldn't give him access to any AutoText,
AutoCorrect, macros, or menu/toolbar/keyboard customizations from the old usually is stored in a hidden folder, so it's necessary to tell
Windows to display hidden file & folders to see so it can be
copied. On his old computer, in Word, choose Tools - Options - File
Locations. will have been stored in the User templates location.
Note the location, close Word, then use Windows Explorer to copy
to the new computer's Templates folder... the location of which is noted

On the new computer, two things would be necessary to get Word 2007 to use as the starting point for Normal.dotm (the new file format
version of that Word 2007 uses).

First, would need to be copied to Word 2007's Templates folder.
In Word 2007 running in Vista, if you click the Office button - Open, you
should see a location under Favorite Links on the left called Templates.
This is the location where would need to be copied.

Second, to get Word 2007 to use to create a new Normal.dotm, you
need to delete or rename the existing Normal.dotm that's in that folder. If
your uncle has already used Word 2007 on the new computer, then a
Normal.dotm has already been created. With Word closed, simply delete or
rename that Normal.dotm, copy from the XP computer to that
location, and then start Word (you might need to tell Windows Explorer to
display hidden files/folders in Vista). Once done, the next time Word is
opened, it will use, and will automatically create a new
Normal.dotm based on it when Word is closed.

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