Transferring windows mail to windows mail without easy transfer.



Hi all,

Can somebody please tell me how to transfer windows mail from one
computer to another without using easy transfer. It appears that the
import facility allows you to import from every other email program
EXCEPT windows mail itself. Both computers are running with Vista.
Easy transfer is not so easy for me, the computers keep locking up
half way through the transfer. So I have gone back to the old
fashioned way of saving all files to external hard drive and copying
across. Fine for documents, spreadsheets and pictures that I need to
transfer but still stuck on how to transfer the email. Somebody please


Steve Cochran

See If you want the accounts and all you need to
backup the registry keys as well. Then on the other machine, delete the
registry keys and then import the ones from the other machine. Then make
sure the store root value is correct under this key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Mail

And then deposit the entire message store from the old machine into the
correct directory (specified by the Store Root value) and make sure the
files are not read only (as they would be if they came off a CD). Then open
WinMail and things should be as they were on the older machine. You will
have to put passwords back in, but otherwise it should clone the older
machine's message store.


in message news:[email protected]...

Gary VanderMolen

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