transferring to Vista




I have just bought a new laptop with Vista home premium and am busy
transferring data files etc. from my old XP desktop. I have some questions &
hope you can help?.

1) I have some video files in .avi format which played ok in Media player
(XP), but in the new Media Player (Vista) I only get the sound.? (Other
formats are OK)

2) I have lots of music in Media Player Library (XP) that I want to
transfer. Which file/folder should I copy across & where to ?

3) Where do I find my Internet 'Favourites', Address Book, and stored
emails on my XP machine, and where do I copy them to on the new Vista
machine ?

Thanks for all your help




Try Windows Easy Transfer. You will need to establish a link between the
computers. You can do it with a flash drive but I prefer the network
connection. Logon to both with the same username and password and map drives
to each's c$ eg. \\machinename\c$ (Enable Firewalls to allow File and Print
Sharing first)

Run Windows Easy Transfer on Vista and save app to a folder on the XP
machine. Then run it and it will connect both machines and transfer all the
data you request.

I am a tech and I still found this to be the easiest way to get my settings
from XP to Vista.


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