Transferring PC Details


Peter Cavan

I have ordered a new PC and have started to move some stuff onto CDs to take
to the new PC. I have got all My Documents and save files for programs, and
wanted to know what else I should keep. For example, how do I backup all of
my Outlook Express settings? Is there a way to copy my messages? Are there
any good websites that explain stuff like this? Is there anything that
somebody didn't take to a new PC but really wished they had?
Thanks for all help and advice
Peter Cavan.


Do a search in for this type of thing. I always do searches
there for things like this.

Outlook Express data is stored in the .DBX files. You could just back those
up and replace the ones on your new machine with these. NEver tryed it but
it should work. Might be another file with these that tells Outlook what
files are there too.

As for your Outlook Express settings just right down your account settings.
No big deal although there probably is a way to export them.

John Smith

Consider your IE Favorites and also, as bizarre as it sounds, your Temporary
Internet Files folder because you may have subscription or authorisation
cookies in there that would be difficult to replicate.

Also copy over your Outlook PST file if you are using Outlook along with any
Outlook email account settings.

All can be found in your User Profile in Documents & Settings.

If you make a note of your DBX file locations for Outlook Express you can
simply cut and paste them into your new drive at the same location and they
will work. Make sure you copy everything in the Outlook Express folder
though including settings. Again, look in your User Profile for them.

If you have programs you have set in a particular way look for any .INI
files and copy those also.


Bas Ruiter

Your documents: be sure to copy stuff you made that's saved somewhere
else other than in the "My Documents" folder. Older versions of Word
save documents in subfolders of its own folder, for example.

Mail: OE stores its mail in .dbx files. The location of this depends on
what Windows version you have. You could do a [Start -> Search] for it,
or else look in the OE Options for the folder location (it;s a button on
one of the tab-pages).

Mail: your address book. in OE go to [File -> Export] and save your
address book as a CSV file.

Favouries: copy your www links.

Anyhow, what I did when I built a new machine recently is temporarily
put in my old HD as slave and copy its contents completely to a folder
on a partition on the new HD. That way, if I've forgotten something, I
can always get at it.

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