Transfer scsi boot drive to a new PC


Helen Waite

I have a Dell Precision 530 and a Precision 650. Both are running
Windows XP Pro. I'd like to take the Seagate scsi hard drive from the
530 and move it as-is with all the programs and data into the 650. The
problem is that it won't boot in the new workstation. It sees the
drive in the scsi bios but, when XP boots, I get the error
"inaccessible boot device." The 530 has an Adaptec scsi card and the
650 has an LSI. I've tried booting off the XP CD, loading the scsi
driver from floppy, and then running a repair. It didn't change
anything. Any ideas?


Generally, you've got to remove every piece of hardware that will change when
you swap systems - and then let Windows redetect it. I'm unfamiliar with
SCSI, but I'd guess that you might have to swap the Adaptec card into the 650

Star Fleet Admiral Q

Not true usasma.

OP, need to make sure you have the correct SCSI driver for the LSI on floppy
with an "oemsetup.txt" file in the root. Also, make sure the BIOS is set to
boot off the IDE controller first, to boot with the WinXP CD and select
repair, then hit <F6> to load the SCSI driver. Once the repair install is
completed, make sure the SCSI controller is set in the boot order first,
then have it check the IDE/SATA controllers accordingly. Lastly reinstall
any service packs and/or patches that have been released since the
manufacture of your XP CD, as the repair process brings the OS back to that
found on the CD.


Star Fleet Admiral Q @ your Service!
Google is your "Friend"

Helen Waite

I've done exactly that but it didn't work. I downloaded the correct
LSI SCSI driver from Dell's website using the service tag from the
workstation and then created a floppy disk with the "oemsetup.txt" file
in the root. I rebooted after the repair and received the same
"inaccessible boot device" error. At that point, I checked the boot
order and the SCSI controller was first.

Helen Waite

I can't swap the Adaptec card from the 530 into the 650. It's
integrated onto the motherboard. The same is true of the LSI card in
the 650.

R. McCarty

Download and extract the LSI drivers to a Floppy diskette. Then
perform a Repair install on your XP instance. When prompted for
drivers (Mass Storage) Press F6 and insert the Floppy Diskette.

Lil' Dave

Then the 530 or 650 does not have a scsi card, its an integrated scsi
chipset on the motherboard. The misnomer is using the verbage "card" by

Lil' Dave

Buy the equivalent (as in the 530) Adaptec scsi card with bios. Disable the
onboard LSI scsi chipset. Plug in and install the card.

Don Schmidt

Do you have a SCSI card in the new computer? Did you change the BIOS to look
for a SCSI card?

I've got SCSI drives (3), CD burner, and a tape drive here. Good stuff that

Helen Waite

I was able to solve the problem myself. I did another repair and
noticed that afterward, when XP rebooted, I received the error "Page
Fault In Non Paged Area" in module Cdr4_2k.sys STOP 0x00000050. At
that point, XP automatically rebooted and restarted the repair.

Here's what I did to fix the problem:

1. Booted into the recovery console and issued the command "Disable
Cdr4_2k" That disabled the service.

2. Performed another repair and this time it went all the way through
without incident.

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