Transfer files from PC to Device triggered by device




Here's my situation. I hope to have some help on it.

We have ONE computer and ONE cradle connected to it through a USB
cable. We want to transfer files from the computer to the connected
device. Since, we will have around 50 devices, ActiveSync is not an
option for us since it creates 50 different synchronization folders on
the computer. The ideal solution is to have only one folder on the
computer (for example My Documents) in which we place all the files we
need to get synchronized on the devices.

The synchronization process also includes data within a SQL Server CE
database on the device that is pulled and pushed from and to the main
SQL Server 2000 database. We use RDA Data Transfer to synchronize
databases data. This part of the synchronization works well.

Therefore, the synchronization needs to be triggered by the device and
not from the desktop. At least, this is my point of view unless you
guys have another solution for me.

Also, I'm stuck with Visual Studio 2003 and compact framework 1.0. So
any solution using VStudio 2005, CF2.0 or OpenNetCF 2.0 or higher is
not an option for us at the moment.

I thought ActiveSync 4.2 would have been a solution but 50 different
partnership.... shit &%/*!!!

Thanks for your help!




I'm not sure whether ActiveSync is suitable or not, I know you can
configure it to treat all connections as 'guest' conections so
avoiding the pop-ups and partnership issues, but not sure if this will
allow you to setup and run any file synchronisations, but then if you
use a single folder on the PC end for sync files, you'll probably end
up with all 50 files on each device. I'm not an AS expert, but it
sounds like you could end up in a right old mess!!

Alternatively, you could copy the files in code to a network share,
but this can be a PITA sometimes with network logons. Since you are
already running IIS, why not use an FTP server or write a simple
webservice type application.

So far as triggering the process, if you mean it is to be triggered
automatically on docking the device, look at using the CeRunAppAtEvent

Hope this helps


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