transcribing from Jpeg to Word need to have 2 programs open



I am transcribing from a JPEG into a Word Doc. how do i have them working as
a split screen so i can read from one and work on the Word one? I find it
very clumsy to have to keep clicking on the JPEG, read what i have to type
next and then type it. Its quite a long doc to transcribe. Any help would be

JoAnn Paules

Easiest method: Use a split screen and keep both up at the same time.

Not as easy method:
Open Paint
Open your .jpg file.
Save it as a .tif. Close file.
Open Microsoft Document Imaging
Open your .tif file
Click on the icon that looks like a piece of paper and a blue W.
This will attempt to "read" the text. You MUST proof-read very carefully.
The worse the .jpg, the worse the conversion will be. 1's look like I's, O's
like 0's, And those are the easy ones to spot.

Herb Tyson [MVP]

Windows have three states: maximized, minimized, and restored. This is
controlled using the _ and box icons in the upper right corner of the
window. If you see two overlapping boxes, the window is maximized. If you
see a single box, the window is in the "restored" state and can be resized.
You can drag the sides & corners to resize any non-maximized program window
as desired.


I hate to be retro, but the easiest way to do this is to open the JPEG, hit
Ctrl-P, and then pick up the hard copy off your printer and set it on your
document stand next to the computer. Then read from the hard copy and type.

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