Transcend CF Cards


sheng-chi huang

Hi all,
I was wondering if anyone had any problem with Transcend CF Cards. The
ones that we are testing are as follows:

Transcend CompactFlash 512MB Industrial (TS512MCF45I)
Transcend CompactFlash 1GB Industrial (TS1GCF45I)

Currently, we are using Hagiwara Sys-com CF cards 512MB and 1GB
(CFC-512MBA and CFI-1G), and we had no problems on our target machine.
However if we use Transcend's cards, somehow not all the files can be
copied to the CF card (in the embedded system, files from PCMCIA device
to the CF card slot). This only happens when we test on the new card.
If we create a new partition and reformat the cards, the problem

Guess #1: Card writing is slow
Transcend told us that the CF cards do not support DMA mode, so perhaps
that is the problem. However since our target only supports Ultra DMA
or PIO mode, both Hagiwara and Transcend cards probably uses the same
PIO4 mode.

Guess #2: CF card file system
I believe most CF card makers set their cards to have FAT16 file
system. Perhaps our Transcend cards had an incompatible type.
Currently we are asking the makers and see if we can test more new

Any help/comment will be greatly appreciate.

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