Track Changes not staying turned off


Tony Law

Word 2002

A user has a document with Track Changes turned on. He accepts all the
changes and then clicks the button on the Reviewing toolbar to turn it off.
He saves and closes the document. He opens the document again and Track
Changes is turned on by default. Any ideas why?




i am having the same problem the doc (word 2003) keeps opening in final
showing markup and i can't get it to shut off and just open as final.



Peter T. Daniels

If your document has any changes it it, Word will open it with the
changes showing, as a reminder not to send it to people who shouldn't
see the changes.

If all the changes have been accepted, then there will be no Markup to
be seen.

If Track Changes comes on when you open a file, maybe it's turned on
in a template, and you should turn it off there and save the template.

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