Tool to migrate files system of Netware to Win 2003 Server file sy



I have over a dozen of Novell NetWare 5.1 servers which provide file system
service to Corporate users, some of them mount SAN as Netware volume, some of
them mount the local hard disk as NetWare volume for file system. They all
belong to a Novell NDS.

Meanwhile, we also have Microsoft's AD in the same network and our office
workstations are all Microsoft XP Professional.

We have to login our Microsoft XP workstation by authenticating against the
Microsoft AD, and authenticate against Novell NDS to access the file system
(e.g. our home drive).

The scenario is that how can we migrate the files in a particular Novell
Netware 5.1 server (one-by-one migration of file system of a Novell NetWare
server) to Windows 2003 Server file system that mounts HP EVA5000 as storage?
The condition is that the file migration tool needs to preserve the file
system structure (folders and sub-folders) and migrate the right (ACL) of
existing file systems from Netware to Windows 2003 Server file system?

Is there any kind of this tool?



Take a look at Microsoft Windows Services for NetWare 5.03 on the Microsoft
website.....we used it and it worked well. make sure you have all the
Service Packs for it

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