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Legallisa - switching from WordPerfect

Word 2007 - Vista.

I am typing a legal brief.

First page, section 1, is the cover page. No page number.
Second page, section 2, is the TOC page, page number i
Third and fourth pages, section 3, is the Table of Authorities, page numbers
ii and iii
Fifth page, section 4, is the beginning of the brief, page number starts at 1

When I generate the TOC and TOA Word counts the first page as page 1 and the
second and third pages and pages 2 and 3, etc.

I need the page numbers to actually match the page number on the document,
not the logical sequence. Does this make sense? So, a case cite on page 1
of the brief shows up in the TOA as being on page 5. What am I doing wrong?




You need to put in a Section Break in each place the page numbering
needs to start over at 1 (or i). Then go through your Headers or
Footers (wherever your page nos. are) and for each one, uncheck "Same
as Previous." Don't Insert Page Number in the first section; Insert
Page Number in the second section, go to Format Page Number and make
it "i, ii, iii" and "Start at 1"; in the third section, do the same
and make it "1, 2, 3" and "Start at 1."

So long as the ToC is picking up paragraphs with a Heading style,
it'll have the correct page nos. (If you don't want a ToC entry for
the ToC itself, you have to delete the line after the last time you
generate it.)

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