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I'm building material for a training course. I’m hoping I’m not the first
one to need this kind of fix and the solution is a question of inserting a
/switch that I don’t know about into the TOC field.

Here's the pitch:

* I need to develop a solution using Word 2003 for a client that is using
Word 2000

* The solution involves creating a Table of Contents (TOC) that correctly
paginates a large document

* The training material took up too much memory / file size so it has been
broken into 14 individual files. One for each module or chapter in the course

* The first file contains a table of contents

* Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm assuming I need to use the Master Document
feature within a new (i.e. 15th file) to compile a TOC for all the 14 files
that contain material for the entire course

* So far, so good:

- The TOC works fine after I create a new file and compile a TOC using
the 'Insert sub-document' command within the Master Document / Outline
feature (once for each of the 14 sub-documents)

- I've built the TOC so that only Heading Levels 1 and 2 are included

Here's the twist:

* I need the TOC to ignore every second page or, put another way, I need the
TOC to ignore pages that have odd numbering

Here's why:

* Imagine a 3 ring binder open and two pages laid out in front of you. One
to the left and the one to the right

* The RIGHT-hand page has the following attributes:
- it contains the training material for the trainees / participants

- These page #'s are displayed on the status bar as occurring on EVEN pages
(e.g. 2, 4, 6 ... 28, 30, etc.)

- Heading 1 and Heading 2 from these pages MUST be included in the TOC

* The LEFT-hand page has the following attributes:
- it contains a guide / notation / tricks / tips for the trainer on how to
deliver the course (some would call this the Trainers / Facilitators Guide)

- For the sake of the trainer I’ve assigned a half value to the odd page
number using the following code { = page } /2 + 1}. In this way the page
number displayed is increased by .5. e.g. 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 21.5 23.5,
etc.). This hasn’t been a problem for the compilation of the TOC

- These page #'s are displayed on the status bar as occurring on ODD pages
(e.g. 1, 3, 5 ... 21, 23, etc.)

- Any headings from these pages (level 4, 5, etc.) MUST BE EXCLUDED in the
TOC. And this is currently the case.

Here's the summary:

* While the headings that occur within the odd+0.5 pages from the
Facilitators Guide / left pages are not included in the TOC the pages that
they occupy are still being accounted for in the TOC. That is to say that
only the even/right hand pages are displayed in the TOC but the pagination is
incorrect. The page number assigned is actually twice the value of the page
it actually occurs on. E.g. The beginning of Chapter 5 on page 50 is
displayed in the TOC as page 100.

* At the end of the day I need a TOC that only includes the even pages and
assigns a value to them such as they appear within the document(s) itself.
E.g. if the first page of the 5th chapter / file displays page number 50 in
the footer (remember this file occurs as a subdocument in a master document),
I need this same number to be displayed in the TOC.

* As it stands the even pages are given the value assigned to them by Word
in the status bar. E.g. that page #50 above is displayed as page number 100
in the TOC.

* As I mentioned above, I’m hoping I’m not the first one to need this kind
of fix and the solution is a question of inserting a /switch that I don’t
know about into the TOC field.

I’d appreciate your help to bring about a solution.

Toronto, Canada


Without trying to deal with your specific needs, I'll note two
problems. (1) If your Master Document is still functioning after
several days, you have practically performed a miracle. In Word
there's really no such thing as a document that's too big -- whatever
the ultimate solution, you would do far better simply to put all 14
chapters back into one file.

(2) Never in the going-on-600 years of book publication has a book
been paginated with the even numbers on the right-hand side, and
trying to get Word to do that is probably futile, and if you do
somehow manage it, you're just asking for trouble.

The way to create the limited ToC you want that springs to mind is to
use different Style names for the headings that appear on left-hand
pages; then compile your ToC using the Style names used for headings
that appear on right-hand pages. (You seem to say that you've only
used Styles called Heading3, Heading4, Heading5 on left-hand pages, so
there should be no problem at all.)

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